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Emotional Intelligence for Lovers

If you have ever been told that you lack emotional intelligence, you should not worry. First, if this was said as a negative label by someone who wanted to assert their superiority (or put you down), then it means nothing.  Second, even if you have something to learn in this area, and most people do, then…
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How to Help Love by Responding to Negativity with Emotional Intelligence

Love definitely needs help.  Let’s admit that Love has a problem.  Conflict ends half of the marriages, sending once-loving couples to divorce court.  And these are the people who wowed each other, who exchanged sacred vows, and who often suffered for years as they tried to stay together because of the kids.  Sadly, sometimes couples…
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How do you get ready for the love of your life?

If you are single, and the love of your life is ahead of you, what do you need to do to help love blossom when it arrives? How do you prepare for the moment love enters your life?  When the love of your life comes, will it sweep you off your feet?  Will it last…
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If Good Advice from a Matchmaker is Hard to Follow, Then Therapy Holds the Key.

Recently, I went to a short talk given by a matchmaker, who gave great, practical advice that she said, for some reason, some of her clients had trouble following.  And in every case, from my perspective, the problem behavior is not going away, and in fact follows her clients on dates, because it is driven…
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