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Self-Awareness and Conflict Resolution in Intimate Relationships

The most important questions in resolving a conflict between intimate partners are What am I feeling? and What am I doing to express or to drown out my feelings? The goal is to know what you are feeling because you can manage feelings if you are aware of them, but passions outside of awareness will…
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How to Prepare for Couples Therapy

Why should you have to prepare for couples therapy?  If you have been chewed up by years of conflict, if your heart is frozen shut by years of distance and indifference, then maybe you have no strength left to prepare for couples therapy.  For those situations, therapy is come-as-you-are.  Just come in and bring nothing but…
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The Inner Game of Job Searching

Work is a big part of our identity, and unemployment can have crush one psychologically and emotionally. Many psychological issues can be triggered by being out of a job and the efforts to find one. The need to go on interviews can prompt anxiety.  Of course, anxiety is a downward spiral that can interfere with…
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